There are 5 Trustees within the Trust: Mrs Faye Brown, Mr Ernie Brown, Miss Wendy Brown, Mr Ross MacLeod, and Mrs Fiona Pretswell. There are also a number of Volunteers that work closely with the Trust: Mr Adam Murray, Mrs Leigh Deas, Miss Lauren Brown, Mr Graeme Parker, Miss Aimee Brown, Mr Allan Moffat, Mrs Jill Cavers, and Mr Mark Brockie, this is not an extensive list as there are other people who have been associated with the Trust in the arrangement of activities and events. Everyone associated with the Trust works unpaid to ensure that all donations to the Trust are used to achieve the aims and objectives set out in our Charity Strategy.


The Trust runs on minimal administration outlay, all stationary, printing and advertising costs are covered by members/volunteers of the Trust. All outlays for fundraising events have to date been covered by donations by Trustees, Volunteers, Local Businesses and Companies and this has ensured that we have been able to maximise the money raised by the Trust.