NHS Choices state that “Every year in the UK, thousands of people die or are seriously injured in accidents and emergencies. Many of these deaths could be prevented if First Aid is given before emergency services arrive”. First Aid Training can save people’s lives and it is vital that First Aid Training is delivered with confidence.

Avril’s Trust is currently looking into facilitating First Aid Training Courses that would be made available for members of the public to attend, these courses can provide a lifetime of advantages to the participants, the main ones being:

  • Saves Lives – This is obviously the main reason for First Aid Training. It provides the confidence and ability to react immediately in situations where an accident, injury or illness has occurred. Many lives have been saved due to fast reaction and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) aid given during life-threatening and critical accidents or health complications.
  • Reduce Accidents – Following First Aid Training people become more alert to their environment and become more able to notice hazards and potential incidents before they occur.
  • Reduce Recovery Time – From applying a plaster, cold water to a burn or performing CPR and/or defibrillation, First Aid can majorly impact on the overall recovery of an individual.

The Trust is currently investigating various First Aid Providers to ensure that we are able to offer the most comprehensive First Aid Course to the general public. Each of the Training Providers that we are looking into are SQA approved and would provide a comprehensive training package which would also include training for defibrillators.With any of the Training Providers the maximum candidate to instructor ratio on all the accredited courses is 1 instructor to 12 participants, each participant would receive a certificate which would validate their training for a period of three years.