Defibrillator Locations

The importance of strategically located defibrillators is recognised by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS), and both large organisations promote the fact that these life-saving pieces of equipment need to be made available in areas where there can be gatherings of large crowds or high foot traffic.

Avril’s Trust has taken into account the above requirements for defibrillators and has divided the Town accordingly (Figure 1) the red areas being primary areas for locations as these are areas where there are gatherings of large crowds either within shopping areas or large community events. It is the aim of the Trust to have defibrillators placed within each of these red zones within the next year. The first one has already been located within The Heart of Hawick, within Red Zone 1, and this has been fully funded by the Trust.

The Trust is currently looking to secure a location for a defibrillator within a business property (Red Zone 2), and we have confirmed placement within the new Burnfoot Hub/ Burnfoot Community Centre, before the end of 2015 (Red Zone 3).

As well as locating defibrillators within these primary areas it is also the aim of the Trust within the next few years to be able to find suitable locations within the Blue Zones indicated. As 75% of cardiac arrests happen in people’s homes we feel that it would be beneficial for the town to also have this life saving equipment close to hand in these locations that have a higher density of residential homes.